Twist that arrow just a little more

It’s not only the Easter bunny that’s made an early guest appearance but St Valentine’s Cupid is also awake and ready to take clear aim; the year has just begun, could 2013 singles really have found their Valentine by now?    



Soaking in insurance

overinsuredCall it a New Year’s resolution or that I am simply getting organised but as the New Year looms, I am digging out those insurances and calling scrutiny upon them all, one by one.
Each month as those regular direct debits disappear from my hard earned account I think to myself “am I getting the best deal?” which of course, more than likely, we are not.
It’s the urgency to sign on the dotted line before the car can leave the yard or the house keys become your own; the intention is there to go back to that commitment and secure the better deal but before you know it – thousands of dollars have slipped into the insurance pot and not one single claim has been made or paid.
The urge exists to cancel them all and simply start again, which might make you wonder why you took out all those insurances in the beginning and raise the question, is it possible that I too, might be just a tad over insured?
It all starts when we get that first job and insure our financial future through “super” then before you know it life admin kicks in and there’s an insurance cover for everything and eagerly awaiting us all.
With the house comes a contents insurance and if you own it you’ll need house insurance as well; rent it out and you’re up for landlords insurance and liability insurance too; own a business and the insurance list is endless, including comprehensive, product and flood insurance and on top of this there’s insurance for the car, the boat, the helicopter, the plane the bike and the pet. There’s travel insurance, cancellation and baggage insurance; earn a wage and there’s income protection insurance and in case you fall ill there’s health insurance with the added dental and optical insurance; this doesn’t include the trauma insurance, life insurance and all the way to the end, funeral insurance.
Have assets like Dolly Parton and you can insure them both as well.
After paying another year of renewals, I’m exhausted, broke and soaking with insurance and declaring my New Year change.

The end of the world as we know it …


If it were to be true – what would you feel the need to do?

The horror of having to return …

You’ve snuck from the unfamiliar bedroom and out of the house, still unsure of his name; you know he lives with his parents, though, after walking in on his dad sitting on the loo; it’s a big, deep breath and a giggle with relief but what happens when you get all the way home and realise your only house key is still in his room?

What would you do?

Little Golden Books

When I think of my favourite childhood books I instantly remember my Little Golden Books


What was your favourite Golden Book and what childhood memory do these books bring back for you? …


Embarrassing moments


Some supposed good male friends of mine let me chat with them for a good half an hour without telling me that my shirt had popped it’s buttons.  What’s your most embarrassing moment?


How did you choose the booze?

Teenage drinking has existed over the generations and its not going away.  What age did you start to drink and how did you start to drink?  What strategies will or have you implemented with your own children surrounding alcohol?



Life is full of surprises, so what are your thoughts on surprising or being surprised?

What is age anyway?


Does age really dictate where we are at and what we should be doing at what particular time?  What is age anyway?

The little things that make us smile


It’s the little things in life that make us smile; and that make all the difference to our day, like an amazing full moon, a photo from a friend or an unexpected win at the races.  What are the little things that make you smile and brighten your day?

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